Consortium for Organ Preservation in Europe – COPE

This bioresource is part of a series of three clinical trials taking place in five European countries, looking at different ways to preserve retrieved organs before they get transplanted. Biological samples in similar formats as QUOD and OTB are being collected along the way to allow further research studies to take place after the initial trials.

Resource Details

  • Blood, urine, bile and perfusate samples together with kidney and liver biopsies are collected at specified time points from donor (continental sites only) and recipients (all sites) taking part in the three trials. More details for each trial can be found on the COPE website. 
  • Clinical and demographic data are collected from donors and recipients. All members of the consortium will have access to bio-bank and clinical data.

Sample formats

  • Blood sets: in 0.5ml aliquots stored at -80 degrees, plasma (EDTA), serum (SST).
  • Liver perfusate sets: in 0.5ml aliquots stored at -80 degrees, plasma (EDTA), serum (SST).
  • Kidney perfusate sets: in 0.5ml aliquots stored at -80 degrees, centrifuged perfusate samples.
  • Urine:  in 1ml aliquots stored at -80 degrees, centrifuged urine.
  • Bile:  in 1ml aliquots stored at -80 degrees.
  • Tissue sets: snap frozen, stored in vapour phase liquid nitrogen (-196 degrees), kidney needle core biopsies, liver needle core biopsies. 
  • Tissue sets: formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue blocks, kidney needle core biopsies, liver needle core biopsies. 


Application templates for access to resources can be requested via The application process consists of a preliminary form A to be completed with the planned research proposal. the COPE Management Board will assess the proposal and if a positive decision is made the project office will provide template form B for completion with further detail of the project. 


For additional details please contact the COPE team via The coordinating Principal Investigator is Rutger Ploeg, Professor in Transplant Biology and Consultant Transplant Surgeon.