Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences Bio-repository

The Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences (NDS) Bio-repository was initially established to facilitate a large portfolio of ground breaking research undertaken as part of the ProtecT Study and ProMPT collaboration for prostate cancer research. The Bio-repository now provides services for the receipt, accessioning and distribution of samples across a range of urological disease states, in support of ethically approved research programmes.

The Bio-repository operates out of a state-of-art laboratory based at the John Radcliffe Hospital, providing facilities for sample processing, automated liquid handling, barcode-based sample tracking, inventory management, and medium to long term cryo-storage facilities. 

The NDS is a non-profit facility that focuses on supporting research aimed at bringing the latest innovations to benefit patients. Services are provided on a cost recovery basis and are determined in consultation with the study team.

Resource Details

  • HTA licensed bio-bank (Research licence number: 12217) providing access to blood/blood fractions, tissue and molecular components.
  • Urology tissue (renal, kidney stones, bladder, prostate).
  • Automated sample formatting using the Labman system.
  • Specimen tracking with a customisable database.
  • Sample retrieval and processing services, including DNA/RNA isolation/extraction.
  • A purpose built, temperature monitored storage facility for -80°C freezers and vapour phase liquid nitrogen tanks.


Researchers may gain access to the services and samples offered by NDS by emailing the manager Adam Lambert. The resource is academically directed by Professor Freddie Hamdy