Oxford Transplant Biobank – OTB

This is a local biobank, funded by the Oxford Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) Transplantation Working Group, targeting living organ donors, their recipients and recipients of deceased organ donors looked after in the Oxford Transplant Centre. This collection is currently in development, below are the proposed plans: 

Resource Details

  • Sample collection consisting of: 
    • Blood and urine samples taken from the Living Donors at two time points during the donor management period.
    • Blood and urine samples taken from recipients at three time points during the organ recipient care.
    • Tissue biopsies taken from organs to be transplanted.
  • Sample formats:
    • Blood sets: in 0.3ml aliquots stored at -80°C, plasma (EDTA), plasma (Heparin) and serum (SST). 
    • Urine sets: in 1ml aliquots stored at -80°C, centrifuged urine. 
    • Tissue sets: snap frozen, stored in vapour phase liquid nitrogen (-196°C), kidney needle core biopsies.
    • Tissues sets:  formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue blocks, kidney needle core biopsies.
  • Access to anonymised data related to the samples and clinical data from living organ donors.
  • Access to post transplant clinical data from matching transplant recipients.


Further information relating to access of samples will be provided once sample collection starts. 


For additional details, please contact Sandrine Rendel, Oxford Transplant Biobank Manager. The coordinating Principal Investigator is Rutger Ploeg, Professor in Transplant Biology and Consultant Transplant Surgeon.